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The Declaration of Enotismos

The following is a small list of words that may not be familiar to some readers.

Terminology of Enotismos

  1. Plutarchy – The combination of a Plutocracy and Oligarchy, therefore representing a State ruled by a few prominent families and the wealthy
  2. Kleptocracy- A type of government that extends the personal wealth of its state officials by embezzling state funds
  3. Abrahamic- A Monotheistic religion that traces its origins to Abraham, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  4. Abrahamist- A follower of an Abrahamic Religion
  5. Corporatocracy- A type of government that serves the interests of corporations
  6. Theocrats- The priesthood of a Theocracy
  7. Ethnikoi- A Greek that practices the ancient and indigenous religion of Greece
  8. Troika – A collection of three. In this case, the tripartite committee led by the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund


There comes a point in the history of every ethnos when it becomes necessary to reevaluate the Political System which governors it. If, at such a juncture, the legitimacy of the government or the ability of the State comes under question due to flagrant violates of its people’s natural rights or best interests, it becomes the sacred duty of each man and woman to overthrow that System or that State. It is at this point that the Greek people find themselves today, bound to a State, which has morally forfeited its right to governor. 

Each ethnos is endowed with certain unalienable Rights. These Rights are Autonomia (Self-Determination), Autarkeia (Economic Freedom), Autoteleia (Self-Sufficiency), and Autexouseia (Self-Governance).  To secure these natural rights, Governments are established among Men and Women, which obtain their right to rule directly from the people. Whenever this system becomes mutilated into something unrecognizable due to corruption or foreign influence, it becomes the Right and Duty of the People to destroy it, and install a new System, which will protect the Rights of the people and serve in their best interest.

They describe the current system as a ‘Democracy’, but in reality, it is nothing more than a Plutarchy that has run up a 340 billion Euro debit, which it now bleeds the people to pay. The history of this Plutarchy, which has ruled Greece since 1974, is made up of decades of mishandling public funds for the benefit of the country’s ruling elite and their loyal party supporters. Crimes which have been concealed to benefit from a Greek economic crisis by financial terrorists like Goldman Sachs. It is this repeated abuse and corruption that has resulted in a Corporatocracy guided by crony capitalism. In the end these selfish Political Dynasties and the Corrupt Church, have trampled on the hopes and dreams of an ancient people, jeopardizing their National Sovereignty and leading the country towards poverty. To prove this, let the truth be heard by the entire world. 

1. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for such crimes as its waiver of Greek Sovereign immunity to the Foreign Occupational Forces of Troika. With the signing of the current unconstitutional International loan agreements, Greece has transferred its Legislative, Juridical and Executive powers to external forces in clear violation of the Greek Constitution. This treasonous act opens the possibility of Greek land being confiscated and sold to satisfy an illegitimate debt and allows the current lenders the right to transfer their rights and obligations to third parties, leaving the sovereign rights of Greece up for grabs to any third party willing to replace the current lenders of their position. These agreements constitute themselves as acts of High Treason by the entire Greek Government.

2. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for such crimes as the looting of the nation’s wealth. More than just a conspiracy theory, the Koskotas Scandal exposed this travesty to be fact when $210 million disappeared from the Bank of Crete. It was this scandal that was the first highly documented piece of evidence of treasonous behavior by the Plutarchy, which showed the true face of the Socialist Government of Andreas Papandreou as nothing more than a Kleptocracy riddled with extortion and criminality and guilty of such crimes as embezzlement, kickbacks and bribery.

3. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for such crimes as extortion, bribery, money laundering and misuse of their Public Office at the expense of the Greek people. Throughout numerous scandals in recent years their crimes have been made public to all, yet justice has still not prevailed. In scandal after scandal the Plutarchy was exposed as morally bankrupt traitors.  

In 2007, the Plutarchy was exposed with the Bonds Controversy. It was this scandal which involved the Government selling unstructured bonds to pension funds. These were underwritten by JP Morgan and then sold to North Asset Management. Eventually they would be bought by the State at an outrageous price.

In 2008, the Plutarchy was exposed with the Siemens Scandal. In which Government officials, as well as Greek Companies, took large sums of money from Siemens to win prestigious business deals. 13 Government Ministers from both leading Greek Political parties (PASOK and New Democracy) were found to have taken bribes, as well as the former Prime Minister Costas Simitis.

In 2009, the Plutarchy was exposed with the Ferry Contracts Controversy. In which the aide of Aristotle Pavlides demanded bribes from a private shipping company for contracts to ferry routes on the Aegean.

4. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its inability to safe guard its citizens’ rights and failure in apprehending those guilty of invading Greek citizens’ privacy. 
In 2006, it was revealed that more than 100 prominent Greek personalities, including the then Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis had been secretly taped between 2004 and 2005.  In response, the Government’s investigation failed to find the perpetrators and subsequently came to the assumption that foreign intelligence agency or agencies had been responsible.

5. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason due to its negligence in combating organized crime within its borders, specifically in the areas of narcotics, weapons smuggling and human trafficking. Mixed with the current economic crisis and rising illegal immigration, Greek society is ripe for such outrages as slave labor. The situation has become so severe that Athens now resembles a 19th century metropolis with exclusive zones of the polis for super rich and other areas for the ultra-poor. 

In its responsibility, the State has failed to safeguard Greek society by allowing crime syndicates to buy deteriorating buildings to house illegals, which are then used to sell narcotics, act as illegal street vendors, sell their bodies as prostitutes or be taken advantage of as cheap labors. 

The State has clearly failed in its responsibility by allowing approximately 150 such buildings to exist in the center of Athens. These buildings house over 100,000 illegals in inhumane conditions, who are then obligated to pay ‘rent’ to organized crime bosses. 

The State has failed in its responsibility by allowing crime syndicates to create pro-immigrant NGO’s to buy real estate in order to make zones of influence throughout Athens, which result in the creation of ghettos.

6. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its deliberate attack on the heritage and history of the country by allowing the Greek Railway Company’s plan to rebury the most significant archaeological find in ancient Greek history, the sixth century Altar of the 12 Gods in Agora Athens. 

In its responsibility, the State has failed to preserve the heritage and history of the country with its unspeakable and most disrespectful acceptance of the reburying of the very center of ancient Athens, which would help accurately measure the distance to any place in the ancient city.

7. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its failure to protect the Holy Soil and cultural heritage of Greece from terrorism and corporate greed. 

In 2007, lethal infernos killed over 84 people, burned the Sacred Hill of Kronos, destroyed over 2,700 square kilometers of forests, olive groves and farmland, as well as 1,000 homes and 1,100 other buildings. This unnecessary destruction was primarily the result of deliberate fires started to go around the Greek legal system which forbids property development on areas designated as forests. The result caused 2 billion Euros in immediate damages and resulted in 5 billion Euros, in damages due to the loss of national income sustained by the local agriculture and tourism industry. 

In 2009, the State demonstrated its inability in effectively managing its own forests due to the years of political interference, which exposed the sad fact that Government funds spent on fire suppression to local authorities had gone unaccounted for, while the fire and forestry services remain under staffed. The lack of an umbrella organization for strategic cooperation and planning between branches in the fire, forestry and civil protections services continues to leave Greece vulnerable.

8. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for allowing Greece to become the most corrupt society in the entire Eurozone. The nation’s leadership has swindled a naive and ignorant elderly population; therefore, cultivating the nation into a State ripe for Corporate, Government and Private thievery. Like a disease, corruption, has spread to every level of Greek Society and infects such things as our Health Care System and even the Municipal Government Prefectures. The culprits are known to all they are doctors, lawyers, civil servants and government officials that have cost the average Greek 787 million euros in bribes in just 2009 alone.

9. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for allowing our Nation’s identity to come under the control of the theocrats of the Abrahamic mafia. This mafia is better known as the Orthodox Church, a wicked Multi-National Corporation that has amassed a tremendous amount of money through dubious legal means and a tax-free status. 

In 2005, ‘Holy Gate’ exposed the Abrahamic mafia for what it truly is when evidence surfaced showing the Church being in involved, in such activities, as trial-fixing, antiquities smuggling and election rigging. 

In 2008, the Abrahamic Mafia was exposed in the Vatopedi Scanadal, which involved Merchant Marine Minister George Vougarakis swapping land with the Vatopedi Monestry, which cost 100 million Euros of taxpayer money to finance the illegal deal.

10. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for such crimes as State supported Censorship and Historical Revisionism concerning the nation’s own ethnic history. 

In 2009, the Abrahamic Mafia’s ‘Holy’ Synod protested a video by Costa Gavras, which was being screened at the new Acropolis Museum. The reasoning behind the protest was the film’s depiction of the historical chronology of the Acropolis, in which early fanatic Christians of the first millennium destroyed the temple and its statues. In response, the Greek State released an apologetic statement by the Minister of Culture to appease the Church. In the end, the Government decided to censor the scenes from the video that offended the theocrats, choosing to willingly distort the historical truth.

11. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its failure to perform its fundamental duty of maintaining its citizens Right to Happiness, Opportunity and Economic Self-Sufficiency. 

12. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its failure to perform its primary function of protecting and securing the borders of the Greek State to protect its citizens from foreign infestation, which could result in Cultural Genocide of the indigenous ethnos of the State. 

Bankrupt Greece is currently being overrun by illegal immigrants, who choose it as an ideal location in illegally crossing into the EU. This situation is worsening due to an EU law which states that any undocumented immigrant found in the EU must be returned to the country of entry, which usually means Greece. 

This has resulted in the creation of unsafe conditions for Greeks and illegals alike. Detention Centers, understaffed and poorly equipped have sprung up across the country, a double insult to the Greek nation, both because of their existence and their inability to function properly. Costing Bankrupt Greece 80 million Euros in what seems to be a futile situation.  

13. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its betrayal of ethnic Greek Rights; their failure to prevent, document and lobby the existence of Anti-Hellenism, and silence on International recognition of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides. 

In its responsibility, the State has failed to develop and secure autonomy for Northern Epirus, allowing the ethnic Greek minority’s oppression to continue in Albania.

In its responsibility, the State has failed to end the ongoing Illegal Turkish Occupation of Cyprus. The State has failed our Cypriot brethren in helping them remove all occupying Turkish troops and illegal settlers from northern Cyprus. It has also failed to bring to justice all those guilty of war crimes in an invasion that has been condemned by the UN Security Council was legally invalid. All of which stems from our failure to prevent ethnic Greek Muslim Cypriots from becoming Turkified, due to the Abrahamic Mafia’s control on the requirements for our ethnic identity.  

In its responsibility, the State has utterly failed to attract International attention to the blatant violations of ethnic Greek Human Rights around the world. Greece has failed to protect the indigenous Roum Orthodox Greek populations of Constantinople and both Islands of Imbros and Tenedos. It has failed to act on their behalf while they still face the same persecution and discrimination that engulfed Turkish Society after the Greek Holocaust. From the Varlik Vergisi (Fortune Tax) to the Istanbul Pogrom, the Greek State’s failure to address the policies of the Kemalists in Turkey is unforgivable. 

In its responsibility, the State has failed to act as a voice for all ethnic Greeks, regardless of their religious affiliation; specifically its refusal to accept ethnic Greek Muslims interested in their Greek roots. Therefore, preventing Greece the opportunity to reach out to them and defend their rights regardless of their Abrahamic religious affiliation.

The State has failed to touch the issue of Antiochian Greeks who are currently referred to as ‘Arab’ Greek Orthodox Christians and ‘Arab’ Greek Catholic Melkite Christians; therefore, losing an entire piece of our ethnic history and brethren. As these forgotten brethren search for their own unique identity distinct from Arab Muslims, it is the duty of the State to aid them in rediscovering their Hellenic origins. 

The State has failed to touch the issue of Italiote and Siceliote Greeks who are currently referred to as Southern Italians; therefore, losing an entire piece of our ethnic history and brethren. As these forgotten brethren search for their own unique identity distinct from Northern Italians, it is the duty of the State to aid them in rediscovering their Hellenic origins.

14. The Plutarchy, which rules the Corporatocracy of Greece, is guilty of treason for its failure to defend the national history and heritage of Greece and its 2.5 million Greek citizens living in the province of Macedonia in regards to the ongoing name dispute with FYROM. 

In its responsibility, the State has failed to protect the history and character of Macedonia by allowing FYROM to use the word Macedonia as part of a final solution to the name dispute, rather than pushing for a name that best describes the state’s multiethnic society and, therefore, the best choice for regional stability.
The State has failed in its responsibility to the Greek people and World History by tolerating US interference during the mediation process, as witnessed by the secret diplomatic agreement by Condoleezza Rice to satisfy Skopje’s radicals. 

The State had failed in its handling of the Macedonian question since FYROM’s independence, when this young nation to the north was searching to distance itself from Yugoslavia and Slavism. Greece failed to identify and capitalize on the situation in FYROM, which could have been used to re-Hellenize this new nation that was so eager to find their true identity.

At every step of the most recent unconstitutional loan agreements between the Greek State and Troika, the Greek people have shown their disapproval of the Governments actions with demonstration after demonstration. The people, whether right or wrong, have organized so many strikes that it is obvious that people have passed their own motion of no confidence, making the government in Athens illegitimate and nothing more than an Athenian puppet government of Troika. 

The time has come for us to re-examine ourselves, our state and our future, because the problems infecting Hellenism transcend artificial borders and reach be on Greece to even our Diaspora. The current debt being held over Greece is illegitimate and immoral, however, be it as it may the world will never accept it as odious debt unless the Greek people demand it. We, as an ethnos, must break the shackles of defeatism that bind the Hellenic soul and reach deep into the Hellenic psyche and be born Hellenes once more! This is the only way to save Greece and the Greek people. 

No other word best describes our current dilemma then MIASMA. It is this word used by Ethnikoi that translates into the contamination of the psyche or soul. A contaminated individual is polluted through shameful, offensive or inhumane deeds. This is Greece today, an Abrahamic Athenian run puppet state, which has allowed selfishness, jealously and greed to corrupt Greek society and transform the country into a morally and economically bankrupt IMF ran failure. Our ancestors and today’s Ethnikoi have a word for what we have lost. That term is AIDOS, the moral desire to uphold ourselves to a higher set of laws that were instilled within us from generation to generation through our indigenous culture. By losing this philosophical piece of our identity, we have allowed ourselves to be easy prey to evil intentions, for it was AIDOS that upheld the moral order of our indigenous societies, an ethical order that no longer exists in modern Greece. It is only when we lose AIDOS that corruption can spread, like it has, throughout every level of society resulting in the State’s failure in protecting the interests of Hellenism and forcing a new generation of Greeks to dream of fleeing to the diaspora in hopes of living a normal life. 

Whether one examines the Greek State or its Diaspora, both are found to be riddled with incompetent, selfish and unpatriotic leaders. Thefts that have led Greece to bankruptcy and its Diaspora into the comma of indifference, it is these men and the mentality they helped to foster that poisons the very essence of Hellenism, stripping us of the Hellenic idea of AGATHON. It was this concept that symbolized the values that all Hellenes had in their personal and communal lives. Values, which took into account what was helpful and beneficial to all. It has been the destruction of this Hellenic notion and many others that have robbed another generation of their future, forcing them to witness their own people’s demise in a system that prevents progress. What has happened to our Hellenic ARETES (Virtue)? Where have such Hellenic concepts as LOGIKI (Rational Thought), SOPHIA (Wisdom), DIKEOSYNE (Justice or Rightenousness), ANDREIA (Bravery, Valour, and Courage) and SOPHROSYNE (Prudence) gone?

Gone are the days when our leaders were inspirational DIKEOS and DIKEA, men and women that act in accordance with the laws and traditions of DIKEOSYNE. It was DIKEOSYNE in ancient Hellenic philosophy which obligated one in the name of their humanity to protect those that were treated unjustly. Instead, we have leaders like George Papandreou, the Crown Prince of the Plutarchy, who commits repeated acts of treason on a regular basis. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by men that have looted our motherland of her wealth, sacrificed our culture and sold our identity to the highest bidder. Why now must the ordinary Greek pay for their crimes? Why must they sell their gold earrings, bracelets, rings and even teeth to make ends meet, while the political leadership suffers none of the ramifications of the crisis they created? Wage and pension cuts, tax increases and job layoffs plague ordinary Greeks, while the perpetrators of the crisis whether they are politicians, business executives or the Abrahamic Mafia itself get away scot-free. 

The path is clear; the path is revolution. A Hellenist Revolution that will cleanse the motherland of  years of corruption, decadence and Abrahamic oppression, which has plagued Greece and reignite the spirit of a nation to overcome its current troubles and set things right. A revolution, which will not, only guarantee justice for all Greeks that have been roped by the current system, but finally end the Athenian domination that has been created by the corrupt central government in Athens. A revolution that will produce a decentralized federation of autonomous Hellenic States, like the mighty city-states of old and destroy the current mindset and free us from the superstitions, jealously and selfish tendencies that plague the modern Greek mentality and ethnos. 

This is the revolution that must engulf the Hellenic homeland. Its revolutionaries are you and I. Its leaders are all of us, for the next Alexander, the future Kolokotronis lies within us all, but it is not a revolution or opportunity to be stolen by false prophets draped in red, preaching the false truths of anarchy, socialism or communism. Beware of these disciples of the current troubles, these guilty criminals who have allowed us to find ourselves at this point in our nation’s history. They support foreign ideologies that poison Hellenism, brought to us by foreign agents to turn Greek versus Greek.


  • 1.       The immediate deportation of Troika from Greek territory; as well as the arrest of all those guilty of perpetrating the current economic crisis; as well as the arrest and extradition of Goldman Sachs bankers.
  • 2.       An Audit of the Greek Debt and its determination to be all or partial odious debt and, therefore, illegitimate; as well as the return of the Drachma and removal of Greece from the Eurozone.

  • 3.       Zero tolerance towards corruption and tax evasion; whether they be Corporations, politicians, doctors or businessmen, all found guilty of bribery, extortion, tax evasion or abuse of power must be arrested and convicted of treason; resulting in the confiscation of any and all assets and properties associated with said crimes.

  • 4.       The liberation of all commercial and private property owned by the Greek Orthodox Church (and other Abrahamic religions) that are not part of a place of worship or educational facility. 

  • 5.       The reconstruction of the Greek State and Ethnos and the adoption of a New Constitution. The transformation of our failed Abrahamic Educational System into a true Hellenic Paideia. The complete overhaul of our Police and Judicial System, the reformation of our failed Socialist Health Care System, the reorganizing of our voting system, the restoration of our Military and finally the reforming the overblown civil service and Greek mentality, which is at the very root of the current crisis.

  • 6.  The guaranteed security and restoration of our natural environment, Museums, and archeological sites; requiring environmental and archeological impact studies prior to construction of any mega projects

  • 7.       The creation of a self-sustaining and eco-friendly Hellenic State, free of oil dependence; developing and fully integrating clean renewable energy sources; as well as the redesigning of our cities, transportation systems, and agricultural industries so that they are energy efficient, clean and able to better serve the needs of the people and the environment.

  • 8.       The recognition of the Right of citizens to live and exist as Ethnikoi Hellenes in accordance to our ancestral traditions and beliefs; as well as the legal protection of our ancestral Religion and Traditions
  • 9.       Access to Greek Oil and Natural gas deposits to Greek Companies and the construction of pipelines connecting Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

  • 10.   The International Recognition of the Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides; as well as payment of reparations to those survivors of our Holocaust in World War I; and payment of the German Occupation Loans outstanding balance and reparations for the mass murders and destruction caused by the Nazi Occupation of Greece in World War II. 


THE HELLENIC STATE should be open to ethnic Greek immigration as a way to promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; whether Abrahamist or Ethinikoi Hellene. Where both can live side by side with full equality irrespective of religion or sex; and the protection of all Holy Places both Abrahamic and Ethinikoi. 
WE APPEAL to the Greek people throughout the Diaspora to rally behind the motherland and re-immigrate to Greece to support the development of the State. 

WE PLEA that such a State would allow for all archaeological sites with Altars, Temples or other religious or historical significance in the context of the Ethnic Hellenic Religion and Identity be proclaimed as Holy Sites of Hellenismos and restored; as well as achieve the dream of all archaeological artifacts in foreign Museums be returned to their rightful place. 

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